February 17, 2009

Update on Kenny Glenn

Update#1 - http://www.kenny-glenn.net/ is now online.

Update #2 - Video of Second cat found


The second cat has alow been removed from the home, why it was left there to begin with, I dont know.

When asked about the fate of the abuser, Sheriff "Schulte says he did not know what punishment the boys may face if found guilty, but said the penalties for a juvenile conviction could include psychological counseling, court monitoring until they turn 18, community service to provide restitution for treatment of animals, and/or placement in court custody."

Please remember that this is a Minor that is being delt with, so do not harass the family. Contact the DA if you want to punish him, we dont want others being hurt becasue of this incident.


This story has now made it to CNN. Well done everyone. This type of thing is why the internet really is the great equalizer, the power is back with the people when we are able to come together and right the wrongs that have been committed.

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