February 13, 2009

67 Computers Missing from Los Almos Nuclear Weapons Lab

POGO reported today that 67 computers have gone missing from Los Almos Nuclear Weapons Lab, 13 of which were in the last year. While the number of machines missing is a bit alarming, Los Almost says that none of them contained confidential data. I did however find one part of the report concerning;

"Thirteen of the missing computers were lost or stolen in the past 12 months, including three computers that were taken from a scientist's home in Santa Fe, N.M., on Jan. 16, and a BlackBerry belonging to another employee was lost "in a sensitive foreign country," according to the memo and an e-mail from a senior lab manager...Only one of the three computers stolen from the employee's home was authorized for home use, which raised concerns "as to whether we were fully complying with our own policies for offsite computer usage," he said."

While I am ok with people taking their work home (believe me, I know how necessary it is sometimes) I also understand that if you are taking a piece of equipment home, there are some special security concerns that need to be addressed. It is concerning that in a place that is supposed to be so heavily secured someone was able to walk out with 3 computers.

Read the complete article.

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