February 16, 2009

Kenny Glenn Caught...

Yesterday a kid in Oklahoma decided it would be a good idea to wake up, and with a friend record him torturing a cat and then post the video to YouTube, this would make him cool right? Wrong!

What Kenny Glenn did not expect was the wrath of the Internet coming down.

The Internet is a powerful place. A place where those who do good and bad on a daily basis come together at times when a single enemy has emerged. Last night, that enemy was Kenny Glenn, and no one held back.

Within hours, his name, address, phone number, school, parents phone numbers, dads business phone number, maps to his house and constant updates were up on their own web site kenny-glenn.com (web site has been taken down, probably for the kids safety.) People were enraged, and these people have the know how to get things done.

How did they find Kenny? The were able to locate the kid via MySpace based on his YouTube user info, they then verified the information because he had some pictures up which showed enough of his house to match with what was seen in the video. His gross green carpet, a drum set, a strange window, and a confederate flag. From there, is was only a matter of a little investigating to get all of his personal information. It was like a game to these guys, and trust me when I say they had fun doing it. The boards were lighting up last night, updates faster than most could read them. Some updates were solid info about the kid and family, verification of information, work some of the best private investigators in the world would take hours or days to do was being done in minutes by an Army. So to gents at 4chan and the DGers who made this their personal mission, good work.

Sine the uproar Kenny was taken into custody, released back to his parents, and from the info I have is set to meet with the DA on Tuesday to determine the charges.

I wont link to the original video because it really is painful to watch, I'm not exactly a cat lover, but this kid deserves everything he is going to get. So let this be a warning for everyone out there who thinks they can be anonymous, who thinks no one will know it was them, be careful. There is an Army out there who love nothing more than to ruin pieces of trash like this.

Oh, and Dusty the cat is ok. He was removed by the sheriffs department last night and taken to vet for treatment. Kenny on the other hand is going to be miserable for a while...

YouTube Video of a local news report

Lawton news (site is slow to heavy traffic)

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