February 27, 2009

The Recycle Bin is NOT a place to file things...

Ill never understand the apparent surprise of people when the files that they moved to their recycle bin, or the deleted items folder in Recycle_Bin Outlook disappear. You wouldn't be surprise if you put some mail in your rubbish can at home, and then days later that bin was empty, and you certainly wouldn't put something you had no intention of getting rid of in a trash can. So why is it, that people think the recycle bins on their computers are a storage space? Or that if they deleted emails, they should expect them to be in the deleted items folder instead of being gone?

Now I understand that Microsoft (and every other Operating System developer) has trained people to think that deleted really isn't deleted, and they have done this so people who accidentally delete something aren't screwed, but really, you should not depend on these recycle bins as a storage place, and here is why.

  • If you are in a corporate environment, and their mail server begins to run low on space, one of the first things an admin is going to do is flush the deleted items folders (assuming the don't already have them configured to automatically delete email after a specified period of time)
  • If you run any software to "clean up" your computer, one of the things it does is empty the recycle bin to clear up space.

Rather than using the deleted items folder or the recycling bin, you should Create and Use Folders to Organize your Mail and Windows files.

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