July 8, 2007

Product Review: Linksys PowerLine Ethernet Adapter Kit

The Task:

Getting an office on the opposite end of a building tied into our network.

The Obstacles:

  • 4 offices and an elevator separate our offices.

  • No Easily accessible conduits to run cable

  • Concrete/Steel construction makes wireless connectivity unstable

  • Need a secure and relatively cheap solution

The Solution:

The Linksys Powerline Ethernet Adapter Kit worked perfectly. Because the two offices were on the same floor of the building, the offices were on the same electrical circuit. We plugged 1 adapter into an outlet near our switch and ran a cable from the switch to the adapter. We plugged the second adapter into an outlet in the second office and then ran a CAT5 cable from the adapter to a small switch and were able to connect A computer and network printer without any trouble.


  • Ability to set a password/encryption key on the individual adapters to allow for multiple pairs to be run in a single environment without conflict, also provides security.

  • Easy to set up

  • speed of connectivity is great, throughput is great.


  • Adapters are about $100 a piece, so price is a concern if using for something large scale.

  • Adapters must be plugged directly into the wall (any time I tired a surge protector they wouldn't connect) so if they are sensitive to power surges, this can be bad.

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