February 20, 2009

Update From Yelp.com

Yelp.com has replied to the allegations that they are trying to sell a service of removing bad reviews from their site. They attribute the report to miscommunications regarding the services they do offer (the ability to highlight a good review) and also the algorythims used to sort the reviews that are listed.

"It appears that a key source of confusion is our anti-spam algorithm which makes
a small number of reviews come and go from a typical business' page.
realize we need to do better at communicating the why and how of this
counter-intuitive "feature" and we will."

Read the Full Response on Yelp's Blog.

I hope this really is all just a miscommunication. The idea Yelp.com is trying to bring to life (and has been) is a good one. Consumers need a place to voice their opinions, and if a company is manipulating those opions, then there is a problem.

See the comments left on The Consumerist, apparently several users there agree with the assesment that Yelp is a scam.

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