February 27, 2009

Common IP address Questions

Q. What is an IP address?

A. An IP address is the Internet's equivalent to a street address. Every device that connects to the Internet needs an IP address to do so. There are not enough IP addresses currently for each connecting device to have its own, so IPs are broken into two groups, Internal and External IPs. External IP addresses are assigned by Internet Service Providers, internal IP addresses are assigned by routers or servers on a given network. Each device that assigns internal IP address has an External IP address that it uses to connect all the other devices to the Internet with. Doing this allows hundreds of computers to connect to the Internet with only a single external IP address.

Q. How do I find my IP address?

A. To find your Internal IP address do the following:

Click on Start -> Run -> enter "CMD"  and click ok -> in the window that pops up, type in ipconfig and press enter. You should see results like this:


A. To find your external IP (the IP address all of the Internet sees you as) you can use a web site like www.showmyip.com


Q. Can I be tracked by my IP address

A. See My Post Here about tracking people by their IP address


Q. Can I change my IP address?

A. You can change your internal IP address as often as you want, although there is almost no point in doing so.

A. You External IP is controlled by your ISP. Many External IP addresses are assigned dynamically, so if you unplug your modem for a while then plug it back in, you may be assigned a new one.

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