February 23, 2009

Microsoft Elevates America

Microsoft announced today that they will be partnering with governments, private, public and community organizations to launch microsoft_logo Elevate America; a free and low cost resources that provide the skills, training and certifications needed for people of all ages who are preparing for job opportunities in today's changing economy.

"As part of our ongoing investment in education and workforce readiness, Microsoft is providing additional support through governments and designated partners to accelerate the workforce readiness of Americans through the most relevant training and certification programs we offer."

Some of the things Microsoft will be assisting with are:

  • Expanded access to basic technological literacy and skills training.
  • Intermediate technology skills training courses, instructor-led and online, plus selected certification exams.
  • Access to a new web portal that will help guide individuals to training that positions them for success in the economy today, and tomorrow.

One of the programs I am looking forward to is an expansion on the Microsoft Second Shot Offer. In addition to Microsoft giving test takes a free retake in the event they do not pass their exam, they will also be offering a highly discounted price on e-Learning material to study for your exams. If you have not taken any of your exams yet, DO IT NOW. Check out the new ThinkSmarter Store for some recommendations on study material. As for me? Its time to get back to grinding away at those certifications.

To read more about this amazing program, or to learn what resources will be available to you, see the Elevate America Website.

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