November 25, 2007

One Laptop Per Child

Many of us take the technology we have available on a daily basis for granted. The ability to access enormous amounts of information in seconds via the internet, the ability to make telephone calls no matter time of day or where you are with your cell phones, and the ability to share photos and send letters in seconds with email. Computers are used every day in schools across the world to allow students to learn about almost anything they want.

With the use of websites like Google, this information really is only a few key strokes away. But not everyone is so lucky. not everyone can buy a laptop or a desktop. not everyone has an internet cafe down the street, and not everyone has a readily available internet connection only minutes away.

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation is working to change this. OLPC's goal is to get this technology in the hands of those who need it but don't have access to it. They have built a user friendly, cheap, and economically friendly laptop for children in the 3rd world. To assist in paying for this project OLPC is running a program where if You buy 1 of their laptops for 400 dollars, they can donate one to a child in a 3rd world. Half of your purchase price is also tax deductible. The reason for this is becasue the laptop costs just short of 200 dollars and you are buying 2 but giving one away. It is for a great cause, so if you are looking for a cheap laptop, or just want to help out a good cause, you should check them out.

If you would rather just give a laptop, you can do that as well and OLPC also takes donations on their website (via Paypal, Google check out, you can donate stocks that you own, or just send in a check.)

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