November 4, 2007

The Boss Button?

A lot of the bigger TV stations have started putting their most popular shows on their website, and personally I love it. I work 2 full time jobs, and go to school, so the ability to watch the TV shows I like when ever and where ever I want, is awesome. I plan on doing a review of the 3 major ones I watch soon but this is just to show one of the cool little features CBS has added to their online video player. Its called the "Boss Button"

Say you are watching a TV show, this iw what you would see.

Notice, in the bottom right corner, there is a little button that says "Boss Button" push it and then you see this:

It pauses your show and makes it look like a blank email. You cant actually type into it, but it is a quick way to hid the window. just click anywhere on you screen, and your tv show starts playing from where it left off. Well dont CBS. Well done.

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