November 25, 2007

Free Web Offers

The internet is an awesome thing. not only does it contain a wealth of information, but you can get tons of stuff for free! No really, companies give away free stuff all the time, and it's great. One of the problems with this is nothing is really free. Usually the "free" stuff means you will be sent a bunch of junk mail through your email and sometimes even via regular mail. Here is how I get lots of free things and avoid the junk mail.

  1. Have a "junk email" account. I have one email address that I use to register for everything, and one that I use to give to friends, family, and clients. I check my junk email box right after I register for things just to do the confirmation email then just about never look at it. I use hot mail for this since its free and has lots of storage. Then I use gmail for my regular account.

  2. When registering I almost never give my real name. Not only is it good for security (cant steal an Identity if you don't have a name!) but it makes it easier to filter out the junk mail. If I get an envelope at home addressed to Dr. Nick Riviera, I know its from a company who is sending me junk (or a delicious free sample of Dunkin' Donuts Coffee!)
Between these two things I just about never open an envelope that doesn't have something I want/need in it and I just about never see spam in my inbox.

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