November 26, 2007

Got Something to Sell?

In the age of the internet anyone can open their own store. Got an idea for a funny t-shirt? got a great idea for a cool new widget? With a little time, and a little help from some good shopping cart software you can have your own online store up in no time. Ashop Commerce has a really nice e-commerce software available for you to use. From an administration stand point, it is outstanding. It is very user friendly and easy to learn to use well.

From the Administrator Interface You Can:

  • Control user access (define who can make the changes in product and pricing)
  • Manage the types of payments your store will take (Which credit cards, etc)
  • Manage your inventory (Prices, sales, coupons, Brands, product reviews etc)
  • Manage your customers
  • Manage your marketing strategies
  • Track sales
And dozens of other tasks that would normally require several pieces of software. You have access to all of these tools in an easy to use web interface.

And the client front end is absolutely wonderful. Clean and easy to use, your customers will be able to easily look for every product you have to offer and then be able to pay and check on the status of their orders from the time they place them to the time their package arrives at their door.

Ashop Commerce has 2 demo sites up that you can take a look at, one is for a toy store the other for a Phone store. 2 very different products that have different requirements, but are set up very well with this software. The demos are each 2 parts, one for the administrative side of the software, the other is the customers side and both demos allow you to take control of the sites to modify the styles and the feel of each as well as to play with fake customer data so you can get a good feel for how powerful these tools are.

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