January 4, 2008

Tiger Direct eye's CompUSA

This has been Confirmed

There has been some major noise about Tiger Direct buying CompUSA for some time now, but in recent days the internal noise has been growing. Daily Tech Reports some interesting Wikipedia Edits going on that point to a Tiger Direct acquisition, in addition the Gordon Brother realtor's were in our store (one of the most valuable and one of the few profitable CompUSA Stores around) showing some people around. The location we are in is by no means cheap and is considered prime real estate in Honolulu (rent of this building approaches 250k per month) so any buyer would need to be big and willing to make an investment.

In addition to this we have been consistently receiving merchandise despite most stores no longer receiving inventories.

The official closing date for CompUSA is March 1st, but that isnt to say somone won't buy out before then, but only time will tell.

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