January 14, 2008

Pondering the universe

Of all the things in the world to ponder, I have always asked my self the same question; what is beyond the edge of the universe?

Throughout my years of schooling I have taken both science and philosophy courses, and have never been given a good answer to my question. I was asked to stop asking questions by my astronomy professor when I simply asked what was beyond the edge of the universe.

The universe is said to be the whole of everything. It is also stated to be 93 billion light years across. But how can something with a limit, be the whole of everything? in order to place a limit on something, it has to have a start and an end. To have a start, there must be something before it, or you couldn't judge the start. If there is an end, then there must be something beyond that point which a person claims to be the end.

If we state the the size of the universe is infinite, then our teachers have been lying all along.

In addition to this, it is said that the universe is expanding. Where is it expanding to, if it is the whole of everything?

Maybe the key is that the term universe can only be used to accurately describe all the known objects.

Think about it.

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