January 16, 2008

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, I have been buried with other work.

What exactly has been keeping me busy? Well, school is starting up again (I get my degree this year), I have been tasked with designing, then building a NOC at work (really fun, although highly time consuming, project) and I have been taking some certification exams (mostly so people stop asking me what certs I have and becasue my boss wants me to get some so he can convince the CEO to give me a raise). I take the exam for one of my Security certifications tomorrow, and then will finish up some posts I have been working on.

Coming up I have posts about:

  • The three parts of information security (3 part series)
  • Certification Exam prep tips
  • Building a NOC (Network Observation Center): My start to finish guide on the NOC I am building
All of these posts have been started adn are in different stages of completion, so hopefully you will see 1 or 2 by the end of the week, and the rest next week.

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