December 26, 2007

New Ideas for Blogging

One of the biggest problems I have encountered with blogging is being able to continuously come up with content that was worth writing about. The way I avoid this is by writing about things problems I have encountered and then writing the solution I found for them. In addition, I like to write about new products that I find and play with. Writing about new products and tools I find and use is one of my favorite things. I am a gadget and software fanatic, and have hard drives full of just random little pieces of software that I have come across and liked. Lately, one of the best places I have found to look for new software are sites like Smorty and PayPerPost blog network.

The nature of these sites are to get bloggers to look at and review the product. Bloggers pare paid to do it, but that is because it takes time to properly evaluate a piece of software. I have decided to use them as a source for new things to write about since they are filled with vendors of new software dying to have people review it. The pay just gives me an excuse to spend more time blogging instead of doing things like spending time with my wonderful girlfriend (joking…mostly)

Take a look at the site if you have some time, it is pretty cool, and from what I have seen so far, it will be a wealth of topics to write about as well.

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