December 23, 2007

AVG Anti-Spyware Review

Recently Grisoft released AVG free anti-spyware application to go along with their free anti-virus and free root-kit remover Like most free versions it is limited in functionality compared to the full version, but compared to similar software it is a really great deal.

I have been running it for the last 2 weeks and it has picked up a couple small pieces of malware on my computer, I also ran it against a intentionally infected computer and it did a great job of cleaning it up. The complete scan takes some time to complete, which is fine, especially since you have multiple, highly customizable scans.

The complete scan will scan all files and folders, the registry, as well as active processes and memory. Other options include a quick scan and a scan for only the active processes and programs running in memory.

The paid for version of the software includes addition features like real time protection (it is always actively looking for malware rather than you having to run a scan every week) Automatic updates, commercial use license, and of course, technical support.

In addition to good performance and a small system footprint, the AVG interface is very user friendly. The only thing I didn't like about it was the software doesn't clearly indicate which features are not working due to it being free. I was able to configure many of the options that are only for the paid version, and they just don't work rather than letting the user know they should upgrade.

If you are looking for a good anti-malware solution, then definitely check out AVG, they have not disappointed me yet.

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