December 4, 2007

Cool Gift Card Idea

I received an email today, and thought it was cool. A company called Gift Card Lab is allowing people to make custom gift cards for the holidays. The gift cards are backed by Visa, so they are good at any store who accepts Visa, that way you don't need to guess which store the receiver wants something from.

The way the customization works is you can either pick a photo from their database or you can upload your own. I think it would be really cool if you took say a family Christmas photo (like the ones many people send out in cards) and then put that on the card and give them to people you would normally give a gift card too. It makes a normally unpersonalized gift personalized.

Or for the ultra security conscious, you can take a picture of yourself, edit in a note that says "I am the owner of this card" next to your picture, and never worry about someone stealing your card!

Pretty nifty. The link to the site is below.

Gift Card Lab - Create Photo Gift Cards Online

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