October 4, 2007

Welcome to our new home!

As some of you may know, we have moved to our new location here at Blogger. I moved from Wordpress becasue I didnt like the lack of flexability they had, and didn't like thier core code very much. Blogger gives users much more freedom to design their blogs and in the next few weeks I hope to do some "designing" to get ThinkSmarter looking a little better. Actually, I hope to get a friend of mine to do some designing since I have the artistic ability of a 3 year old (no really, I can barely color in the lines)

The other reason I moved to blogger was to help support Google. I love Google and all of their products, so why not use them! I moved my old posts over and will begin re-tagging them in the next few days. I'm bummed I couldnt bring over my comments to the posts becasue we had some really good ones and I like to keep those discussions alive, and available, but you win some you lose some. Well, I hope you all enjoy the blog.

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