October 22, 2007

Outlook 2007 doesnt work with Word 2003

So last week my boss decided we should upgrade our CEO to Outlook 2007, but he didn't want to upgrade the entire suite just yet because that would be too much change at a given time. I agreed or CEO isn't the greatest with change so I went a head and installed Outlook 2007. He really liked it. He enjoyed the new interface and the new features, but he did have one complaint. His auto correct/replace didn't work any more.

Here is why. When you are editing an email in outlook, it actually uses Microsoft word to do the work, the reason for this is MS Word has a much larger tool set then the one built into outlook (outlook does have its own for those that don't have word, but its not so good). Unfortunately, Outlook 2007 cannot use word 2003 for this. So what happens is you get stuck either with Outlooks word processing engine, or with Outlook trying to use word 2003 which it can't.

The fix was easy, install word 2007. Its not that big of a deal, but something to be aware of if you decide you want Outlook 2007 (because its awesome) but dont want to buy the whole office suite.

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