October 14, 2007

Life hacker is now promoting trash.

There was a recently a post on Life Hacker about a service called "Verify Email Address". Please do not use this service as it is most likely a ploy to harvest email addresses. Not only is in inaccurate (it cannot verify the info if your mail server is set up to block the requests it sends...which it should be) but it is also owned by Email Marketing Pro. In addition to this, the "contact us" link on their website is broken (never a good sign when you can't contact a company), and they offer no guarantee that they will not collect or share the email addresses you enter. Please be careful with who you give email addresses to, I hate getting spam, and I'm sure you do to, so lets help stop it rather than help spread it.

From LifeHacker.com
"UPDATE: As several readers point out in the comments, it's very possible this site is a spam trap, so we're removing the link. Our apologies for not being more skeptical!"

It looks like they took down the link.

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