April 2, 2009

More Warranty Services Calls…

More fun…

This time the calls came from: (269)768-2200


Call 5: (co-worker3’s work phone) 3:35pm
*blahblahblah press 1 to talk to a sales person*
Hi, this is Kiko calling from Warranty Services, are you interested in a warranty for your car?
Me: Hi Kiko, may I have your corporate offices number please?
Kiko: I’m sorry, I can’t give you that, I hope you have a good day *click*

*This call actually gets somewhere*

Call 6: (my work cell again) 3:46pm
*blahblahblah press 1 to talk to a sales person*
Hi, this is Caesar calling in regards to your automobile warranty expiring, can I have you first and last name as well as zip code please?
Me: zip code is 96813
Caesar: Thank you, and your first and last name?
Me: John Smith
Caesar: out records indicate that you have never bought a warranty from us.
Me: nope
Caesar: Thank you, and what year, make and model of your car?
Me: 1950 Ford Model T
Caesar: Do you have a newer car?
Me: no
Caesar: I'm, sorry, we cant process your warranty today.
Caesar: Unfortunately, its too old.
Me: How old can the car be?
Caesar: The car must be from 1983 or later, have fewer than 150k miles, and cannot be a commercial vehicle.
Me: Do you have a subsidiary or affiliate that can warranty commercial vehicles?
Caesar: No
Me: Well, I’m looking at buying a new car soon, can I have your number so I can call back and get a warranty?
Caesar: We don’t do that.
Me: You don't let people call to buy things from you?
Caesar: No, this is your final notice, if you don’t buy it now, we wont ever call you back, and your number will be deleted.
Me: But this is the second time you’ve called this number today.
Caesar: That is because our database takes 24 hours to update, so tomorrow your number will be deleted.
Me: Well, good luck on the not letting people buy things. Talk to you tomorrow.

Call 7 (co-worker3’s personal cell) 4:01pm

Call got disconnected before we could get to a person.

Call 8 (co-worker2’s personal cell again) 4:05pm

Call got disconnected before I could talk to somone.

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