March 19, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons...

When you are busy, that 30 seconds your computer takes to do gmail something can seem like an eternity, and for anyone who uses Gmail, the wait from when you click send, to when you can do anything else seems like forever...even though in reality, its only a few seconds.

So Google, being the totally awesome company they are have decided to do something with that 5 seconds. They have added a new feature (currently available in Google Labs) which allows you to stop a message from sending. It has happened to all of us, you click send, and you realized that you had selected Reply All instead of reply, or that there is a glaring mistake that you had missed, now you can stop the message from being sent!

To activate the feature, log into Gmail --> Go to Settings --> Labs and scroll down until you see the "Undo Send" feature. Choose Enable, and save your settings.


Now, when you send a message, you will see a message along the top that gives you the option to undo the sending.


But you have to be quick, the message is only there for a few seconds. If you do click undo, it takes you back to the message edit screen, and you can discard the message completely, add/remove recipients, or alter the message.



I know ill be leaving the feature turned on. I do my best to not make mistakes, but if I have to wait the 5 seconds anyway, I may as well add a benefit to it.

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