March 14, 2009

This Email Confirms You Don't Want Email...

Yesterday JC Penny was having a sale on some decent Santoku Knives, so I decided to check it out and pick a set up for my girlfriend and I. During the sign up, I was asked if I wanted to receive promotional email from JC Penny, and of course, I said NO!

Not 60 seconds later, I get this in my mailbox



The first part of the email says:

"While registering as a shopper with jcpenney.com, you chose not to receive our promotional Email. This is being sent to confirm that **********@gmail.com will not receive Email from jcpenney.com."

They sent me an email, to confirm that I told them that I didn't want to receive emails from them. Of course, the email also includes a link that allows me to opt into getting emails, you know, in case I change my mind.

Now, I understand sending an email confirmation if I have previously been receiving things from a business, and then I unsubscribe, but this is not the case. I was a brand new customer, who said right from the start that I do not want email from you, I had to change the selection to "do not want" as the default is opting you into getting these messages.

And to top it off...the knives I wanted we sold out by the time I added them to my cart. What a waste. This is why I set up junk email accounts, so when I register for something that I deem unimportant, its not big deal when they send me crap after I tell them not to.

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