August 18, 2007

Product Review: LogonStudio Vista

Being that I'm on a computer most of the day, I like to make them my own. I like every aspect to be just right, and big part of that is how it looks. Changing color schemes and desktop wallpapers are nice (and I do both) biut one feature that is a bit more difficult for the average user is changing the log in screen. Today I came across a program for Windows Vista that makes it effortless. The product is called LogonStudio Vista by Stardock

LogonStudio Vista by Stardock is a very simple specialized piece of software that allows you to change the log in screen on a Windows Vista computer. You simply install the software, and via a very clean and clear GUI pick the photo you want (either from a few that come with it or from your hard drive) and it will set it as the background for you log in screen. In all it took me about a minute to download, install, and then change my log in screen.

Stardock also offers several other tools for modifying your Windows user interface so go check them out.

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