August 7, 2007

Help the IT department help you.

Some of the comments from my previous post "10 things your IT guy wish you knew" inspired me to write this post. These are some things that can help us help you. Simple things that allow us to fix the things that are irritating you as fast as possible.

1. When you email/call us please give us as much detail as possible about the problem. We don't expect you to be technical or know what actually caused the problem, but knowing what you were doing when it happened can help us.

2. Let us know as soon as you realize there is a problem. If you mistakenly delete something, stop working and call. Usually deleted files can be recovered, but the sooner you let us know the easier it is to do.

3. Most times we prefer receiving emails if the problem isn't urgent, or if your company has a trouble ticket system in place where you can submit the ticket, please do so. This helps us keep track of the problems and what we have done to resolve them, and it also helps us keep tack of who asked first. But if the issue needs to be addressed or you can't email (which happens if that's the nature of the problem) by all means give us a call.

4. Don't Lie. Just don't. If it was a mistake, I'll fix it and unless someone asks me about it no one else will know it happened. If I do get asked by your supervisor, ill most likely say it was a "glitch in the system" because people deserver a break if they made a mistake. If you make that mistake 10 more time or lie to me about it...I won't be covering for you.

5. If you are having a problem with getting on the internet/getting email/etc. basically anything directly related to your computer, please call when you are at your computer so we can do some quick troubleshooting over the phone with you. Another option is to send us an email explaining the problem and asking if we can call you at a later time when you will be available to do the troubleshooting.

6. If I'm working on something else on site and I'm away from my desk, or you catch me in the hall and ask me for something, I'll probably ask you to email me so I don't forget. If I don't ask, go ahead and email me anyway. Something simple like "per our conversation..." short and sweet. Include your contact info and I'll get back to you for details ASAP.

7. If you want new equipment I'm usually the wrong person to ask. In most cases its up to your department head to get the new stuff, we just install it. If you need some help convincing your boss that a new toy you want will benefit the company and make you more productive, shoot me an email and Ill make some time to help you out, I'm a tech, new toys make me happy, even if I only get to play with them while setting them up for you.

8. If I'm asking you to do some troubleshooting with me, please just do it. I have to check certain things before I come to your location and fix it. The more cooperative you are, the faster I can get those things off my list and the faster we get your problem solved. If you have done some troubleshooting on your own, let me know, it will probably save us time.

9. I don't know everything, as much as I wish I did. So sometimes I need to research a problem, when I get to this point Ill let you know that I just don't know the answer and need to go research it and ill be back. Sorry but those are the breaks.

10. Please don't tell me that you do inappropriate things on your work computer, if you do, I then have to investigate it (or advice my supervisor of the issue just to cover my ass) and then it will be investigated. And don't ask me how to get around the security I put in place. I'm not going to tell you, then I'm going to assume you will try and again, I need to investigate it. Save it for when you are at home.


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