July 20, 2009

A Hero’s Final Journey

This is not something I normally do on this blog, in fact I try to stay about as far away from politics as I can, but this is something I felt should be shared. Ask 10 different people how they feel about our current or any past administration and you will get 10 different answers. Some would complain until they are blue in the face about policies and law put in place, others will proclaim their greatness given the lightest of chances, but love our administration or hate them or their policies, including policies about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, we need to support our troops.

Our troops are in the desert to defend our country, they are here on our bases, the bases I have grown up around, to ensure I get to wake up every morning and have the freedoms that I do. They risk their lives to defend these freedoms, and anyone who doesn't recognize the sacrifice of these men and women, the courage and honor in all of them, do not deserve and ounce of the freedom they protect; the same freedom that allows you to criticize the president, and speak poorly about these men and women. Hate the policies if you must, that is your right, but please remember who has died to give you those rights.

Below is a video of Sergeant John C. Beale’s final journey from Falcon Field in Peachtree, Georgia (just south of Atlanta)  to his final resting place; McDonough, Georgia. Sergeant Beale was killed in action in the first week of June, and people gather along the roadway to show their respect for this fallen hero.

I grew up, and currently reside in Hawaii, a state with one of the highest military populations in the country, we have a base for every single branch of the military here. Much of my family has severed in the military, and while I decided to take a different route in life, I have respect for those men and women who wake up every morning, put on that uniform and know that it their duty to protect us. Many close friends have been deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, Korea, and Afghanistan in the last few years, some are their right now, and posts like this are dedicated to all of them.

Thank you for your sacrifice, and please remember, you are always in our thoughts.

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